Why Should I Get My Air Conditioning Serviced?

Updated: Jul 4

Throughout winter when the weather is often hitting zero degrees, it's very rare that you turn your car air conditioning on. Fast forward a few months into spring and summer however and the Great British weather can turn out to be really nice and sometimes even reach temperatures of over twenty degrees! (Of course we're all shocked when this happens).

When the weather does start to pick up though and your car has been sat in the sun for a number of hours, it can get overwhelmingly hot. This is when we all reach to turn the car air conditioning on which is a lifesaver, particularly when stuck in traffic.

If your car air conditioning has not been turned on in quite some time however, a build up of bacteria can happen which means when it is turned on, this bacteria is released into your car. This can be bad for those with allergies but often also has an unpleasant, foisty smell.

Having your car air conditioning cleaned can help solve this problem. disinfectant is used to penetrate different parts of the ventilation system in the car through which the air flows. This includes areas of the car such as evaporator vents and the heater unit.

This cleaning of the air conditioning in your car means that the build up of bacteria can be flushed out leaving your car smelling fresh once again and free from any damaging bacteria.

Once you have had your car air conditioning cleaned, there are a number of benefits that go beyond simply having fresh air.

When car air conditioning is cleaned. the air quality is of course better which means there is less moisture - just what you want on a hot day. Air conditioning also makes for a safe drive. Many accidents are caused by over-tiredness but, cleaner air in your car helps to prevent drowsiness so that you are more alert when driving.

If you'd like to book your car in for air conditioning cleaning, get in touch with the garage today on 01422 366894.

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