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MOT Testing in Halifax

At North Bridge motors we can carry out your MOT and service annually making it another box ticket when it comes to your car maintenance. But, what is an MOT? MOT stands for Ministry of Transport and put simply, it is a test to determine that cars are safe of the roads.
MOTs have been an annual compulsory requirement in the UK (for cars over three years old) since 1960. More recently laws have been passed where defects on MOTs are labeled as minor, major or dangerous. A minor fault means your MOT will pass with repairs advised whereas major or dangerous faults are an automatic fail.
All major and dangerous MOT fails are now automatically stored on a national database immediately so, driving after it has failed is against the law. But, don’t worry we are here to help with that. Whether your car has advisories or needs repairs in order to pass it’s MOT we always provide a trustworthy and honest policy so you always know where you stand.
The current fine for driving without an MOT is £1,000 however, it could be more than double this if the vehicle you are driving is unroadworthy, even if your MOT is still valid. It’s really important to ensure your car is always car safe and keeping up to your MOT ensures this - whilst avoiding a hefty fine.
If you have any questions or would like to book in your MOT, please give us a call.

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