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Car Air Conditioning

We know how uncomfortable it can be in the summer, when it’s a hot day and your car has been sat in the sun for a few hours and your air conditioning isn’t working. Winding the windows down doesn’t seem to help as it only gets hotter the longer you sit in it and your car soon becomes very stuffy.
Making sure you have your car air conditioning repaired if it is not working can help you avoid this so, when summer comes around, you have a comfortable car to sit in once again.
Air conditioning however doesn’t just help to cool your car down when hot. Working air conditioning helps to regulate the flow of air around your car. This means that if you have had to turned off for some time, there can be a build up of bacteria.
This build up of bacteria in your air conditioning system can mean foisty smells are released into your car. Not only is this unpleasant but it can also be harmful for those with allergies.
Having your air conditioning cleaned however can help to avoid this. Disinfectant is used to penetrate different parts of the ventilation system through with the air flows. This includes places such as the evaporator vents and heater unit.
Opting for your car air conditioning cleaning not only clears the vents in your car but, ensures it smells fresh and is free from bacteria. Once you have had this cleaned, there will be a better quality of air which means there is less moisture  - perfect for a hot day.
Working air conditioning is also an additional safety feature. This is because many accidents are caused by tiredness, and cleaner air helps to prevent drowsiness meaning you are more alert when driving.
If you’d like to book in for your air conditioning repairing or cleaning, simply get in touch with the garage today. Give us a call on 01422 366894 or fill in the form below.

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