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Are Hybrid Cars Worth The Investment?

It is well known than opting for a hybrid car can set you back a pound or two. But, are they worth it? Costing anything between £20,000 up to £100,000, you want to know what you are getting for your money and if it’s worth the investment.

How do hybrid cars work?

Hybrid cars work using a combination of a combustion engine and electric motor which uses energy stored batteries. There are three types of hybrid vehicles; full hybrid, mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

  • Full hybrid vehicles are able to run on just a combustion engine, for example diesel or petrol, the electric engine such as power from batteries or, a combination of the two.

  • A mild hybrid vehicle has an electric motor and combustion engine that works together in parallel.

  • A plug-in hybrid vehicle, just as the name suggests, requires plugging into the mains in order to fully recharge it’s battery. These vehicles and be run in just electric mode.

What are the benefits of hybrid cars?

There are many benefits that come with owning a hybrid car, just some are…

Financial advantage

Although expensive in the beginning, hybrid cars save you money in the long run. Built to be lightweight, they take less energy to run, ultimately saving the pennies. They use on average 30% less fuel per mile when compared to conventional fuel-powered vehicles meaning filling up is less expensive. You also save on repairs and maintenance. This is because they have fewer moving parts which means the likelihood of something going wrong is reduced.

Brilliant performance

Most hybrid cars come with different power mode options such as ‘eco’ and ‘power’ so that you can choose how you would like to drive based on the conditions. The majority of hybrid vehicles also come with a regenerative braking system which recharges your battery every time you brake. Much like an automatic car, with a hybrid, you won’t struggle to accelerate or climb hills as the electric motor assists the combustion engine.

Better for the planet

Not only are hybrid vehicles great on performance and often cost effective but, they are also much better for the planet than petrol and diesel vehicles. All regulated emissions are significantly reduced and when taking shorter journeys, using just the battery power, you aren’t emitting any emissions into the atmosphere.

If you are thinking of opting for a hybrid car and want a local, reliable garage that can assist with any maintenance and repairs simply get in touch with us at North Bridge Motors. We are able to help with any make or model of vehicle including electric and hybrid cars.

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